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Guidelines for Authors

In order to present at GIS international symposiums, authors should submit their abstracts before the submission deadline. All abstracts go through a double blind peer-review.  Notifications regarding the review process will be sent to author emails. Accepted abstracts will be added into the symposium program and published in the Symposium Abstracts Book only after the registration by at least one of the authors is completed. Full papers (optional) will also be published in the Symposium Proceedings Books.


Submission Guideline


Abstracts/full papers can be prepared in English, Serbian, Montenegrin or Turkish for the "International Symposium on Information Sciences and Technologies" and "International Symposium on Business and Economics". The language for the "International Symposium on Advancements in Tourism, Recreation and Sports Sciences" is English only.


Abstract / Paper Format:

Abstracts should be a minimum 150 and maximum of 300 words. The length of full text paper should be approximately 4 -6 pages.


Abstracts/full papers should conform to APA 6.0 (American Psychological Association) style. (See: Examples of Reference Formats)


Preferred format for the text and tables of your full text is Word document (.doc). Figures may be provided in .tiff, .jpg or .eps format. Full text should be written in Microsoft Word format with Palatino Linotype 11 font size and single-spaced. Page layout should be A4 format and margins should be 4 cm for bottom and the other side’s 3 cm of the page. Page numbers should be located on the right bottom side of the paper. The manuscripts which are not suitable for the conditions related to the formatting are returned back to the author(s) without sending to the referees. The text should start with the Introduction section at the second page. The priorities of headings and sub-headings should be clearly indicated. Please avoid using numbered paragraphs or headings. The whole main text should be justified. Paragraph spacing before and after a single paragraph (6 nk) should be given. The first line of the paragraph is to be shifted by 1 cm from the left margin. Headings and sub-headings of the manuscript should be numbered as 1., 1.1., 1.1.1. in hierarchical numbers. The headings should be partitioned not more than 3 levels. The sub-heading after level 3 should be written italic and bold. The headings should be numbered beginning from the Introduction, without the exception of References. All heading should be written bold. Before a heading (12 nk), and after a heading (6 nk) should be given.


Please download the template from Congress System to prepare your abstracts / full papers. Abstracts/full papers should be prepared in accordance to file formats (See bottom on the page)


File Format:

Authors are required to submit their abstracts/full papers in .doc or .docx formats.


Submissions in any format other than Microsoft Word will NOT be considered.

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