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General Principles

1- IJAIST (International Journal of Advancements in Information Sciences and Technologies) is a peer-reviewed journal and its publishing place is Kırklareli-Turkey. It is published 4 times a year. When necessary, it can be also published as special publications and extra-publications apart from these publications. 
2-All the copyrights of the articles sent to the IJAIST belong to the journals, and it can't be published in another journal copied or used without showing as a source without getting permits from the IJAIST. 
3-The publication language of IJAIST is English, Turkish, Serbian, Montenegrin. 
4-There must be at least 200 vocabularies one of Turkish, Serbian or Montenegrin (summary) and English (abstract), 5 vocabularies one of Turkish, Serbian or Montenegrin (keywords) and English (keywords). There must be one of the Turkish, Serbian or Montenegrin and English titles. The articles which don't fulfill these conditions are not published even if they completed their peer-reviewed duration.
5-Because the articles sent to IJAIST is going to be in the process of the referee, there mustn't decipher knowledge of the identification or the name of the author in the articles added to the system. After completed the duration of the article's peer-reviewed, it will be added in the information about the author or authors. 
6-After the article is stored in the system by the author, the processes below have occurred. The loaded article has been checked about the rules of publishing and spelling by the editor/ the assistant of the editor. After the editor has completed the approval, the article has been directed to the writing referee. Three referees have been appointed for every article having been confirmed. One of these referees is the language summary referee. Other two referees consist of Professional academics in their branches. The author must check the duration of the referee of his own article from his main page. 
7-After the articles are sent from the personal page in IJAIST through the e-mail and password, referee duration of the articles can be followed from the same page. After this stage, it must wait for the reports till come to do the correction. Because the author can add only one correction. When one referee does the correction he wanted and the article is added to the system, ın the next stage, if the second referee wants to correct something, these corrections won't be done. 
8-The articles added to the system of the journal mustn't be published in another place. Symposium report can be published with the expression of the situation in the article. 
9-The work referred under the title of REFERENCES at the end of the article must be organized by the way in the order of author's surname, author's surname is in capital author's name is in small letter. 
10-When you want to a member of IJAIST as an author or a referee, all information required must be filled completely. Work and interests of the author/referee in the title of autobiography must be put in order. In the title of the main branch first, the main branch must be written and then the branch must be written. Ex: Management/management an organization; Turkish, Serbian or Montenegrin language and literature 
11- Articles that have completed the process of the referee are required to pay 50 EUR to the company. They are sent to layout company upon paying the fee. After published electronically, the journal will be sent to authors (only if the authors pay the shipment fee). Please insert your current and detailed address to your account on the journal as we ground on your address which is on the site. 
12-Writing must be organized just like measures below while they are added to the journal system. 

A) Writings must be written in the Microsoft Word program and pages must be organized like below.

WRITING FORMAT: A4, Vertical, Top margin 4 cm, Bottom margin 3 cm, Left margin 3 cm, Right margin 3cm, Font Palatino Linotype, Font style normal, Writing and gap size 11 Size(footnote text 9), Paragraph spacing first 6nk-then 0 nk, Paragraph indent 1,25 cm, Line spacing only (1).

B) In the reference system done in the articles, APA system can be performed. But there must be sourced at the end of every article.

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