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for sharing the experience, know-how and knowledge globally

One of the major targets of GSI is to organise and manage national and international events such as symposiums, congresses, meetings and workshops in a wide range of fields and a differing number of participants to fulfil the up-to-date needs of the public, universities, professionals, governmental sectors, entrepreneurs etc..

In every step of any organisation, we are addicted to put value and adopt the concerns of all parties as of our own to reach valuable, sustainable and satisfactory outputs. As a Montenegro centred organisation, we initially focus on developing Montenegro’s tourism infrastructure with an environmentalist and sustainable vision and make the country a popular congress destination in Europe. Within the events and organisation management, some of the services provided by GSI is as follows;


Congress, Expo and Symposium Management

Investigations and reporting for possible event venues, transportation and accommodation options, and other items such as welcome reception, gala dinner, coffee-breaks, lunches, city tours etc.

Arrangement of event context, topics, duration and dates

Consultancy for scientific committees and keynote/invited speakers

Transportation and accommodation services for keynote/invited speakers

Procurement of congress material, bags etc.

Procurement of event equipment and technical infrastructure including Wi-Fi connections

Secretarial services

Providing financial consultancy and management

Preparation of detailed financial and administrative post-event reports


Online Congress Management System

Process based online congress management system allows the organisers to determine, publish and update all the necessary information related to the intended event such as dates, rates, submission rules, submission guidelines etc., and manage all the submission process including acceptation/refusal/approval of the submissions, tracking and managing reservations and payments

The system can either be rented for the events by the organisers or full management can be executed by GSI professionals.


Sponsorship Services

Determination and reporting of possible sponsors

Preparation of sponsorship documents

Arrangement of sponsorship meetings

Consulting on sponsorship contracts

Marketing and Promotion

Material design and procurement

Logo and web site design

Promotional activities

Coordination for communication


Human Resources

Providing half and/or part-time employed staff for demanded processes and services

Providing transportation and accommodation services for the event staff

Operational management

Expo Venue and Stand Management

Expo venue suggestions, planning and designing

Consultancy on preparation of expo stand contracts and tracking financial issues

Demand management services for stand owners

Web site and logo design and management services for stand owners


for spreading the knowledge worldwide

The congress system offers you all the web based infrastructure you need when setting up a scientific event. 

In this context;  

scientific process organisation and tracking,

online payment,

online proceedings book publishing,

peer review and paper acceptance progress,

activity schedule preparation,

fair organisation,

advertising and sponsorship,

accommodation etc.

services for your scientific activities are automatized with web support.


education for a liveable world

Education and training programs are performed via distance education capabilities in the fields such as tourism, entrepreneurship and business management 


for a safe and an accessible world

Our company provides technical consultancy in the field of defense and logistics and provides operational support to your company or organization for security, defense, disaster and emergency management. We also carry out studies and provide technical support to solve your company's logistics problems. In this context, geographic information systems are supported with support for route optimization, fleet management, etc.


for liveable cities and world

We carry out ecological architecture and infrastructure services for environmentally friendly urban development. Our company also provides services in landscape planning, landscape design, urban and regional planning, urban design as well as we can provide services for your construction and landscaping needs.

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distance education
events management
defense and logistics
ınfrastructure and construction

Our company supports your company or organization to develop any kind of web application. We also provide software services for the congress management system, quality management systems, geographic information systems, logistics management, online broadcast system, digital publishing services, online education systems, supply chain management, management organization software etc.

for a connected world


information technologies


for a smarter world

Our company carries out the entire digital publishing process regarding to the books and publications you want to publish. You write, we publish and spread.

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